Here I sit at a client listening to Windows Weekly with Paul Thurrott and Leo Laporte. Thank goodness for podcasts to prevent severe boredom while working on Windows networks.

Also, I just installed my 4 GB of memory in my MacBook Pro purchased for a whopping $55.99 from www.crucial.com. They rock for good deals on memory. On the Mac thoughts, I have growing excitement about OS 10.6 coming in the next year. It will include performance improvements, be truly 64 bit, and supposedly have native support for Exchange in the Mail App. It would be great to not have to use Entourage to connect to my Exchange server. I don’t like using POP3 or IMAP on Exchange, it just bugs me. Enough of that now. My baby girl is 18 months old. She is amazing! We did just all get over a cold that she caught from a neighbor kid. That is never fun. Sick with a sick kid is pretty exhausting. Nobody sleeps well. Sucks big.

Microsoft actually released the Mac client for Live Mesh. I have it installed on my MacBook Pro and it syncs some of my scripts that I write so I can access them from my Windows machine(s) and anywhere I have access to my Live Mesh Desktop. It is very cool. If you don’t want the whole Live Mesh Desktop you can also use there FolderSync product. That software also supports Mac OS X and Windows. The only thing is that you can have both the Mesh and FolderSync software installed since they use similar technology to do what they do. You must pick one or the other.

I am excited about the upcoming release of WordPress MU 2.7. This site will definitely be upgraded when that release comes out. Also, check out microblog.bloggermonkey.com running the most current Laconica release. A great, federated server model microblogging (like Twitter) application. The beauty of Laconica is that I can run a server and subscribe to a user who posts on a totally different domain and server. It also supports linking your Laconica account to an existing Twitter account, and posting from IM (i.e. Jabber/gmail). Definitely cool. I am in a state of Tech Happiness right now. There are so many applications/technologies out that have such promise it makes me happy to be in the tech industry.

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