Random Friday night with a beer…

This has been a busy week. The stock market is up, that is good. My Network Consulting business will increase revenue next month, that is good. My baby girl is sleeping better after the time change, Yay! We actually sold a condo in this craptastic real estate market (Southern California) and escrow closes in about a week, Wow! These are all good thing that make the busy, crazy life of a Network Consultant better. Now on to fun stuff.

I wrote my first Cocoa application using XCode this week. As a note, I have a MacBook Pro that I use to do all my network support. The majority of my clients have a Windows infrastructure and I never have any issues managing them with an Apple. It is a very simple app that display our web-based monitoring system in a clean window. There is even a little fade in animation when the page loads. Pretty cool since I have never coded in C or anything like it before.

I am playing with a site running Laconica. It is an open source micro-blogging application (like Twitter) but it allows you to run your own server and subscribe to someone who is blogging on a totally different server (example http://army.twit.tv). I run a server and am subscribed to Leo Laporte on his server. Very nice idea. Check out the site at http://laconi.ca. They are good guys and if you want to play with your own site there is great help on the IRC channel they have. I just finished my Heineken, I think I should have another… got it. This one is a Blue Moon. It’s a nice Belgian style wheat ale. Interesting flavor. This beer tastes so good that I am done writing now.

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