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My night fixing the dreaded “Windows Installer Service could not be accessed” error.

I spent a long time searching the Internet for a solution to this one. Each of the sites and blogs I found were all partially correct for my specific case. Let me share my symptoms: Access is Denied when attempting to install XP SP3. “Windows Installer service could not be accessed” error when attempting to […]

Ubuntu 9.04

I am very happy to give thanks and kudos the Ubuntu team on this release. It builds on a solid release of 8.10. One of the best things about this new release is the fact that I was able to install it using a wireless keyboard and mouse. I am still having issues when switching […]

Random Friday night with a beer…

This has been a busy week. The stock market is up, that is good. My Network Consulting business will increase revenue next month, that is good. My baby girl is sleeping better after the time change, Yay! We actually sold a condo in this craptastic real estate market (Southern California) and escrow closes in about […]

Southern California Living

I am sitting here drinking a Fat Tire Ale and reflecting on the day. The weather was nice today. It was about 66 degrees F. I took my 19 month old daughter out running with me, she rides in a BOB offroad stroller. It is great, she really loves being in there under the giant […]

Plugin Test

This is a test post for a new plugin.

The Holidaze

Is it me or does time pass much faster around the holidays? I am definitely feeling the days slip by faster than it should be possible. What causes this feeling? Is it stress, anxiety, or possibly excitement? I am interested in why the change in mental state causes one to observe time to pass at […]

Tivo is good

Just a quick love blurb about my Tivo. It is recording House for me while I watch the Lakers game. How cool isit thatyou can totally forget when your favorite shows are on and they still get recorded? My little Tivo, it’s like intelligent life living in the cabinet under my television.


Here I sit at a client listening to Windows Weekly with Paul Thurrott and Leo Laporte. Thank goodness for podcasts to prevent severe boredom while working on Windows networks. Also, I just installed my 4 GB of memory in my MacBook Pro purchased for a whopping $55.99 from They rock for good deals on […]


I am tired now, very tired. Friday morning started great, got up and went running. That felt good. When I got home I had a message waiting for me from the CTO of a credit union in Portland saying that my website was being used for a phishing attack on the credit union customers. No […]

Feeling Good

I worked all day, came home and had some super tasty gumbo that my wife made, then took the baby out for a jacuzzi. I feel good. The baby is asleep, my wife and I are relaxed and get to have some time together. Life is pretty good some days.

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